Australian Olympic Committee


  • Invitation to attend the Virtual Change-Maker Forum.
  • Invitation to be part of the Change-Maker Alumni, to connect with students around the country.
  • Certificate of recognition.
  • Consideration to attend the National Change-Maker Summit (video submission required).


  • Complete registration form for Change-Maker Forum form. You can find the form in the email you received when you were nominated
  • Make sure your parents/guardian have completed the consent form. Your parent / guardian would have received an email when you were nominated
  • Applying for National Change-Maker Summit – create and submit 1 minute video
  • Attend the Change-Maker Forum
  • Join the Change-Maker Alumni. Join here

2020 Australian Olympic Change-Maker Summit

WATCH / 21 Change-Makers were joined by Cate Campbell and Matt Carroll at the live Summit
Olympic Change-Maker

Change-Maker Forum

Change-Makers will come together for the annual forum. The Forum connects students and schools around Australia in one major event. Join us and celebrate young leaders nominated for the Australian Olympic Change-Maker award.

The Forum will feature guest Olympians as we delve into insightful discussion about leadership, overcoming challenges in creating change, as well as gaining first-hand insight in our athletes' experience at the Olympic Games. During the event students will be able to interact and ask questions, having them answered live.

Olympic Change-Maker

Change-Maker National Summit

The National Summit is a unique event that brings together up to 25 young leaders from around the country. During this event, students will work alongside Olympians and provide a vital youth voice and recommendations to the AOC. The Summit is held in December, and depending on government health guidelines, the event takes place in person or virtually.

To be part of the National Summit, students are required to submit a 1-minute video which actively demonstrates how you:
• Display leadership through sport in your school or local community, and/or
• Use sport as a vehicle to improve health & wellbeing and drive social change in your school or local community

Meet the 2021 Australian Olympic Change-Makers


Successful submissions will be based upon the student's ability to demonstrate:
• Leadership
• Social Impact
• Innovation
• Inclusion of the Program's 2021 theme: "Change"; and
•Complies with the (17 - Video Criteria) in the Terms and Conditions

A panel of Olympians will determine the successful students.