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Over the past years, the Australian Olympic Change-Maker program has showcased the incredible work being achieved by young Australians. From major projects, to small acts of positivity, we have seen the impact youth can have on their communities.

Activities undertaken by Change-Makers have included, volunteering at their local sporting clubs, supporting seniors in their community, coaching juniors, organising school activities to promote health and well being.

This is a fantastic opportunity to recognise and applaud students for their achievements.

All nominate Change-Makers will receive

  • Invitation to attend the Virtual Change-Maker Forum Click here.
  • Invitation to be part of the Change-Maker Alumni Click here.
  • Certificate of recognition
  • Consideration to attend the National Change-Maker Summit (video submission required). Click here.


How many students can nominate?
Which schools are eligible to nominate?
Is this the same award as the Pierre de Coubertin Award?
Is there a cost associated with the Change-Maker program?
When do nominations open and close?
Can students be nominated twice?