Recovery Through Sport | Australian Olympic Committee

In response to bushfires that have devastated communities across Australia, the Australian Olympic Committee, Paralympics Australia, Commonwealth Games Australia and the Australian Sports Foundation have rallied together to support communities in their recovery and rebuilding.

Sport sits at the heart of regional communities across Australia and can play a crucial role in recovery. The four sporting organisations have formed an “Alliance” to raise funds and provide genuine support to the communities.

‘Recovery through Sport’ will;

  • provide long-term, genuine support to Australian communities affected by the bushfires;
  • harness the collective good-will and influence of all four organisations, their member sports, membership base and corporate supporters to back the fund, and
  • assist the rebuilding of communities through sport.

The ‘Recovery through Sport’ fund will allow sporting and community organisations and community members who have been affected by the recent bushfires to apply for grants. Grants from the Alliance will be for damaged or destroyed sporting kit and equipment as well as sport specific apparel.

To complement the Fund, the ‘Recovery through Sport’ initiative will include Olympic, Paralympic and Commonwealth Games athletes heading out to bushfire affected communities through various events and programs to help rebuild community spirit.


How to help

In order to help our communities recover and to get affected sports clubs back on their feet, we need the support of your members and networks to raise funds that can then be distributed to clubs and communities in need. Please ask your players, athletes, alumni, supporters and members to make a tax-deductible donation via the Australian Sports Foundation in support of the Recovery Through Sport appeal.


Please also promote this Appeal via your website, EDM’s and social media (using #recoverythroughsport ) and encourage your members and networks to do the same – the more we can raise awareness, the more successful the Appeal is likely to be, and the more affected clubs and communities we will be able to assist.


Do your clubs need help?

If there are clubs within your sport that have suffered loss or damage as a result of the bushfires, and want to apply for funding to help them get active once again, please ask them to visit and register their details. The Australian Sports Foundation team will then be in touch to provide information on how to apply for funding.

As a general guide, funding will be available for the following:

  • Replace or repair damaged or destroyed sporting equipment
  • Replace damaged or destroyed sporting kit
  • Replace damaged or destroyed uniforms including those of individual members
  • Pay sports related fees on behalf of bushfire affected members of the community
  • Replace or repair small infrastructure such as the canteen facilities

Next steps

Once the Appeal has raised sufficient funds, the Australian Sports Foundation will invite those affected to apply for funding online. This will involve a simple online process that reflects the fact that most clubs are volunteer-run and time poor.  The Sports Foundation team will then assess the applicants against defined criteria to identify the most needy and/or deserving, and a Grant Committee – comprising representatives of all four Alliance Partners – will approve final selections.

Finally, the Australian Sports Foundation will distribute funds to the selected successful clubs, and manage necessary reporting to confirm the funds have been spent on the approved purpose.