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The Parliamentary Friends of the Olympic Movement in Australia launched on Tuesday 23 June 2020 (Olympic Day) with Co-Chairs Bert van Manen MP, Member for Forde, and Graham Perrett MP, Member for Morton.

Federal Group Launch - 23/06/2020

Queensland Group Launch - 10/03/2021


Group Updates - Q3 2020


  • to promote, raise awareness of and encourage participation in sport for benefits of health, longevity, fitness, skill, achievement, social interaction, wellbeing and other benefits of exercise for all individuals in Australia;
  • to promote the fundamental principles and values of Olympism in Australia, particularly in the fields of sport, health and education, by promoting Olympic sporting, health and educational programmes in all levels of schools, sports and physical education institutions and universities; and
  • to recognise the heritage, culture and contribution of our nation's first people, and to give practical support to the issue of indigenous reconciliation through sport.


The Parliamentary Friends of the Olympic Movement in Australia will also serve to connect the Parliament with the broader remit of the Olympic Movement, including the role the AOC has to play and the value Olympism can contribute to Australian society


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