Airbnb | Australian Olympic Committee

The Australian Olympic Committee has welcomed the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) announcement of a global partnership with Airbnb as a major boost in commercial opportunities for current and retired athletes.

The nine-year partnership will see accommodation provisions that will reduce the cost of hosting Olympic Games in the future while generating revenue for local hosts and communities.

AOC President John Coates says the direct opportunities for athletes to benefit financially is a significant feature of the new partnership.

“This is a shot in the arm for current and retired athletes. The opportunities created through the Airbnb Olympian Experiences platform will generate revenue for athletes in a way that suits their individual circumstances.

“With their expertise and interests, Olympic athletes are uniquely placed to build a business model around anything from training sessions, workshops, insights or city tours and hosting athletes from around the world.

“The fact that athletes will be given the training and support to make these options viable is a major step forward and a great feature of this new partnership. 

“Australia is a wonderful destination for people who embrace our lifestyle and our environment. The Airbnb Olympian Experiences is an exciting addition to that market, providing income to athletes as well as promoting sport and physical activity.”

The partnership sits on top of the current USD 5 billion the IOC distributes across this Olympiad (four years) for Organising Committees, National Olympic Committees, Solidarity grants to athletes and the IOC Olympic Refugee Team.

Mr Coates also welcomed the opportunity the partnership provides for Australian athletes to travel and compete more economically.

“It can be costly for athletes to pursue their dreams in Olympic sports which are inherently international as well as national. Through this partnership, there’s an opportunity to ease the cost burden and link athletes globally."

Airbnb Olympic Experiences will be launched in early 2020, however athletes can register their interest through the IOC’s Athlete 365 portal.