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We're turning Australia green & gold on Friday 30th July, in support of the Australian Olympic Team.

‘Green & Gold Day’ is for everyone. The athletes, the fans, the businesses, the schools, the young, the old and everything in between. It doesn’t matter who you are, your sporting ability or your background, we believe sport has the power to unite us all.

This day is about painting the country in our national colours and being proud of Australia’s sporting achievements, it’s about all Australians coming together and celebrating the green and gold.

Get involved and show your support!


  • Host a green & gold event at your school and dress up in green & gold
  • Host a green & gold event at your local sports club
  • Wear green & gold into work for the day, and host a green & gold event
  • Visit an Olympics Live site on the day - we'll have lots planned to entertain you
  • Watch out for some of Australia’s iconic landmarks turn green & gold
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