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AOCM Change-Maker National Summit

Author imageAOC08 Nov 2019
Australian Olympic Change-Maker SA

In 2019 the AOC set out to reward and recognise young Australian Change-Makers - students who demonstrated the Olympic spirit through leadership and driving positive change in their communities, by implementing the Australian Olympic Change-Maker (AOCM) program.

Schools nationally were encouraged to nominate up to two students per school from years 10-12 who embodied the theme of “change.” From the minor to major, ordinary to amazing, whether leading teams, coaching juniors, supporting seniors, making a difference at a sports club, a national cause or effecting change on the world stage.


The nominations received were overwhelming, showcasing 1,027 young Australians whose Olympic spirit transcended the sporting field, acting as a force for positive change in the future.

All nominees were given the opportunity to attend a state or territory forum, with more than 700 attending across Australia. The forums provided a unique opportunity for Change-Makers to come together with other like-minded students from around the country. More than 25 Olympians were engaged in the Forums.


Change-Makers were encouraged to submit a one-minute video that demonstrated how they were driving change in their school or community with their submissions to be reviewed by a panel of Olympians. More than 450 submissions were received to attend the National AOCM Summit. 

Although a difficult task, the Olympian panel selected 26 students who stood out as Change-Makers to represent their state, territory and school at the National AOCM Summit.

You can find the list of students selected for the National AOCM Summit HERE which is due to take place in Canberra on 4-6 December 2019.