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Fashions on the Field

Author imageAOC05 Feb 2014
Fashions on the Field

SOCHI 2014: The AOC will unveil its Winter Olympics team uniform.

SOCHI 2014: The AOC will unveil its Winter Olympics team uniform at midday Wednesday (7pm AEDT Wednesday).

While pulling on the green and gold is a tradition and an honour for every Australian athlete, some other nations are getting creative with their colour schemes.

The Norwegian Curling team is famous for its outrageous outfits. These Games they’ll be taking to the ice in an eye-popping zigzag patterned suit in the colours of the Norwegian flag.

Fashion Editor of The Australian newspaper Glynis Traill-Nash gives them points for being current, but suggests "if the Curling doesn't work out, they could become a barbershop quartet".

Mexico’s one-man ski team, Hubertus von Hohenlohe, will be flying down the slopes in a skin-tight mariachi-inspired suit.

The United States team will be decked out in a Ralph Lauren designed uniform for the Opening Ceremony. The patchwork quilt inspired knitted cardigans are a nod to classic American heritage, but have attracted mixed opinions from fashion experts.

"Ralph Lauren's cosy patchwork cardis might be more suited toasting marshmallows around the campfire than representing the team on the world stage," Traill-Nash said.

Host nation Russia has gone for fur-trimmed coats, while Germany has chosen multi-coloured puffer jackets and Great Britain has gone for a classic style in the colours of the Union Jack.

"Germany's jackets look like padded Splices. Print mixing may be a 'thing' at the moment, but at least try and match the colours. At least Great Britain's is more sportif, which is very now," Traill-Nash said.

But as hard as the athletes may try, it will be hard to top the kaleidoscope of colour worn by the 26,000 Sochi 2014 volunteers.  They’re easy to spot around Olympic Park with their bright designs representing the different regions of Russia.

The Australian Team will show off their competition and Opening Ceremony uniform to the world in a uniform launch on Wednesday.