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No fairytale for Fischer-Rasmussen

Author imageAOC05 Aug 2012

BOXING: Naomi-Lee Fischer-Rasmussen’s shot at history has ended early but enjoyably.

BOXING: Naomi-Lee Fischer-Rasmussen’s shot at history has ended early but enjoyably.

The only Australian to take part in the first-ever women’s tournament at the Olympics, she lost her first – and therefore only – fight to Sweden’s Anna Laurell by a decisive points margin, 24-17.

The result was no real surprise because the 28-year-old West Australian was literally trying to punch above her weight.

Weighing in at just 69.3kg, Fischer-Rasmussen normally fights in the under 66kg category. But because there are only three divisions at the Games she was forced to step up to 69-75kg. She was also conceding a lot of experience, the Swede having had more than 100 fights.

Fischer-Rasmussen gave it a decent crack, landing a few punches but wearing some too, as her defence looked a little ragged.

She had no problems with the decision, saying: “It was fair. A fighter knows. I felt she did just have it over me.

“It was difficult getting past her range, she had quite a bit of height and weight on me.

“The punches take their toll a bit more. There’s more sting. It stops you in your tracks a bit more.

“I knew coming in I would be at a disadvantage but I just wanted to fight at the Olympics.

“I can’t wait to get back down to my proper category where, hopefully, I feel I can dominate and start winning some medals internationally.”.

Fischer-Rasmussen was one of two females who wore skirts rather than shorts into the ring, saying it looked more feminine. But she denied her historic day had anything to do with women’s lib. She just liked being a part of it.

“The whole experience has been surreal,” she said.

“If anything its ignited my passion for boxing.”

Ron Reed in London