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Steve Solomon's #OlympicTakeover: home-isolation style

Author imageAOC14 Apr 2020
Steve Solomon #OlympicTakeover

London 2012 400m runner Steve Solomon was 110% committed to qualifying for his second Olympic Games at Tokyo 2020, when the news that the Games would be postponed rocked his world.

Now, he’s altering his training schedule and rearranging his goals to turn his focus to the Tokyo Olympics in 2021.

He took over the @AUSOlympicTeam Instagram story to show us a day in his life in home isolation as he narrows in his training and focus for the next year’s Games.

Plus, Steve took the time to answer all your burning questions – check out all his answers at the bottom of this page.

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Q&A with @SteveSolomon10

How do you manage losses/disappointment? - Mollie, Shaz
What do you do with all your old team gear and event merchandise? - Dante
What is your favorite track session leading up to a big race? - Jordan
How many KMs a week would you run in training? - Kirsty, Alex, Jack
What’s one thing you always do on event day? Any superstitions? - Leo
How do you adapt to different foods in different countries? - Lana
How do you stay so motivated when things change on a daily basis and so quickly? Is it easy? - Mackenzie
What is it like being an Olympian? - Kara
During lockdown, is your workout and training still the same as beforehand? - Sami
Who is someone that’s impacted you positively on your road to becoming an Olympic athlete? - Maya
Have you ever had a mental block with someone that you are friends with? - Chloe
How are you mentally preparing to go back into proper training for the Olympics? - Charlotte
Did colleges come to you or did you go to them? - Michael
Does kicking the footy count as exercise? Asking for a friend…
What’s your favourite meal? - Ali
What did you study at university? - Keeley
If you could do a tic-tock dance, what would it be? - Britt
What are some other sports you like?
What makes you determined and encouraged to always push a bit harder? - Kate
At what point did you realise you could be an Olympian? - Georgia
How do you not get too caught up in the numbers or the grind? - James
What has been your favourite race over the years? - Tom
What advice do you have for kids who want to make the Olympics? - Bella
What is keeping you motivated to keep training through COVID-19? - Em, Syd, Kelly
How old do you think you should be before you start training? - Chloe
What is your favourite Aussie Olympic Gold medal win in Athletics?  - Clare
What advice would you give to our young athletes? - Brad