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Heath Spence

Heath Spence



Place of Birth

Melbourne, VIC

Olympic History

Sochi 2014

Career Events

Mens Four-man

Mens Two-man


Heath's Story

Heath Spence made his Olympic debut in Sochi as the pilot of the men's 2-Man and 4-Man Bobsleigh crews. Competing with brakeman Duncan Harvey in the 2-Man, he finished 26th. Spence and Harvey then joined with Lucas Mata and Gareth Nichols to finish 22nd in the 4-Man event.

Spence began competing in Bobsleigh in 2008. He was unlucky to miss out on qualifying for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics as a brakeman and decided to switch his focus to being a pilot in a bid to make the Sochi Games. He moved to live full time in Calgary, Canada, where he worked as a Bobsleigh pilot for tourists to not only earn a living but also spend valuable time honing his skills on the track - both in summer and winter. 

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