Royal Australian Mint | Australian Olympic Committee

The Royal Australian Mint is a valued Australian Olympic Team Partner 2020

The Royal Australian Mint (the Mint) is proud to sponsor the 2020 Australian Olympic Team and continue the long-serving tradition of marking our nation’s greatest moments and ongoing achievements in history with the art of coins.

Throughout this partnership, the Mint will endeavour to embody our nation’s affiliation and love of sport within the production of high quality and memorable coins to mark the occasion.

As an official partner of the Australian Olympic Committee, the Mint will provide tangible keepsakes for Australians to treasure for years to come and remind them of the sense of pride and achievement we felt in our athletes.

The Mint has a proud history with the Olympics including the honour of producing the Sydney 2000 Olympic Victory Medals, Sydney 2000 Olympic Coin Program and Rio 2016 Olympic Coin Program.

In 1965, the Mint was opened to produce the coins for the introduction of decimal currency and is now the sole producer of Australia’s circulating coins. The Mint also holds an internationally renowned reputation for producing innovative and eye-catching collectible coins which have been admired on the world stage.