FAQs | Australian Olympic Committee
Why does the AOC still exist when the Sydney Olympic Games were in 2000?
Is the AOC a government body?
How is money raised by the AOC?
Do athletes receive money directly from the AOC?
What do State Olympic Councils (SOCs) do?
What is the International Olympic Committee (IOC)?
What is an OCOG?
Where can I find a list of countries participating in the Olympic Games?You can find the complete list on the IOC website by clicking here.
What are the Youth Olympic Games?
How is a city selected to host an Olympic Games?
How does a new sport or event get added to the Olympic program?
Is there an age limit for Olympic athletes?
How do I buy tickets to the Olympic Games?
How can I write to an Australian Olympic athlete?



What is Olympism?
What is the Olympic motto?
What do the Olympic rings symbolise?
What is the Olympic oath?
What is the Olympic creed?