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Queensland has enthusiastically put its hand up to host the Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2032.


The Opportunity

The Australian Olympic Committee believes sport in Queensland and Australia more broadly will be super-charged if Queensland was successful in convincing the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to bring the Games back to Australia.

Following the Queensland Government’s decision on December 9th 2019 to formally support a 2032 candidature, work is underway to finalise Queensland’s vision and plans for the Games.

The Games will be more than a two-week sporting event. There’s a ten-year runway of opportunity leading into the Games and decades of benefit to flow afterwards.

A Government study has predicted 129,000 jobs in tourism, hospitality and construction to be created by a Queensland Games.  A tourism study has identified a $20 billion uplift from 2021-2036.

Brisbane Sign - Brisbane City Council

With the IOC’s New Norm process in place, the cost of bidding for and hosting an Olympic Games has been significantly reduced.

The New Norm means hosts are encouraged to use existing sports infrastructure wherever possible, only creating new facilities if there’s a long-term sport and community benefit.

The operational cost of running the Games in Queensland would also be offset by a minimum $2.5 billion contribution from the IOC, plus sponsorship and ticket sales. A Queensland Games will be cost neutral or may even turn a profit in terms of operations.

Queensland will need to upgrade transport infrastructure between the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and the Gold Coast if it hopes to host the 2032 Games, but these transport improvements are needed anyway because of the rapidly growing population. The improvements are not Games dependent.

Queensland offers a unified approach with the Federal Government, Queensland Government, Council of Mayors South East Queensland (COMSEQ) and the Australian Olympic Committee joined together to take a candidature forward.

This group has formed the Olympic Candidature Leadership Group (OCLG) which will undertake discussions with the IOC through the Future Host Commission, which is a body created to conduct discussions with cities and regions interested in hosting the Games.

In 2020, the OLCG will form the core of a new entity, a company which will take the candidature forward with representation from sport including Paralympics Australia, athletes and business.

Key Moments that Shaped the Opportunity

February 2019 - Feasibility Study 2019
May 2019 - Sport Accord Gold Coast Visit by IOC President
June 2019 - IOC Further Changes to “New Norm” Processes
June 2019 - Prime Minister Morrison meets with IOC President at G20 Osaka
July 2019 - Queensland Government Taskforce – Value Proposition Assessment
August 2019 - Olympic Candidature Leadership Group (OCLG) Meets
September 2019 - Delegation to IOC Headquarters, Lausanne Switzerland
December 2019 - Queensland Government Commits to Olympic Games Candidature

What Happens Now

Continuous Dialogue with IOC Future Host Commission.
Targeted Dialogue
Future Host Commission recommends preferred candidate to IOC Executive Board
Executive Board recommends preferred candidate to IOC Session
IOC Session Votes on Games’ hosts 

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