John Mordes | Australian Olympic Committee



Sport:  Cross-Country Skiing 
Event:  Sprint Free, 10km Classic, Cross Free, Possible Mixed Team 
Lives: Brighton, VIC 
Club: Victorian Ski Club, Falls Creek 
School: Melbourne Grammar School  
Age at Games: 16 


John started Cross-Country skiing with the Victorian Cross-Country Ski team when he was in year 4 at school.

He was inspired to pursue his sport by the older cross-country skiers in his lodge at Falls Creek, as they encouraged him to get involved and try to be the best athlete he could be.

John is currently coached by Iris Pessey and Phillip Bellingham and considers Phillip to be his most influential coach as he is currently the number 1 ranked Australian Cross-Country skier.

In 2019, John achieved a 1st place finish in the U18 Birkebiner Classic event and 1st place in the Victorian Juniors Distance Classic event.

John also won gold in the 2019 Australian Interschools individual and team events and came 2nd in the relay.  


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