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Olympics Unleashed, Presented by Optus

Olympics Unleashed Presented by Optus

Through both face-to-face and online delivery, Olympics Unleashed, presented by Optus, takes Olympians and aspiring athletes into Australian schools to inspire, motivate and encourage students to be their personal best and unleash their potential

Australian Olympic Change-Maker program

Australian Olympic Change-Maker

The pride we share in watching our Olympic Teams striving on the world stage has inspired Australians for generations. This spirit transcends the sporting field and is a force for positive change.

Beijing 2022 Village Art

Beijing 2022 Village Art

Village Art offers students of all ages the chance to create and submit artwork, to be displayed on the walls of the athletes' rooms in the Beijing 2022 Olympic Village.

Start creating your artwork now.

Cathy Freeman

Indigenous Australian Olympians

*WARNING: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander readers are warned that the following article contains images of deceased persons.

Australia has been represented by 51 Indigenous athletes at the Summer Olympic Games and by one Indigenous athlete at the Winter Olympic Games.


Educator Resources

To celebrate the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, now taking place between 23 July 2021 and 8 August 2021, we are providing a suite of educator resources designed for the Lower Primary, Upper Primary and Secondary Schools in Australia.

Recovery Through Sport

Recovery Through Sport

In response to bushfires that have devastated communities across Australia, the Australian Olympic Committee, Paralympics Australia, Commonwealth Games Australia and the Australian Sports Foundation have rallied together to support communities in their recovery and rebuilding.

Australian Olympic Team Statistics and Trivia

Australian Olympic Team Statistics/Trivia

Find out all the answers to those Australian Olympic Team Questions which play on your mind.

AOC Logo

100 years of the AOC

The Beginning - To understand the formation of the Australian Olympic Council in 1920, now the Australian Olympic Committee (AOC), requires a journey back to 1892 – four years before the first modern Olympic Games was held in Athens.

Olympics Unleashed, Tokyo

Podcasts - Olympics Unleashed, Tokyo

Olympics Unleashed - Tokyo is live, featuring Aussie athletes on their journey to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and is brought to you by Optus



Australian #OlympicTakeovers give you an insight into the day-to-day life of Australian Olympians, and athletes aspiring to make the Australian Olympic Team.

These amazing athletes compete on the world stage, but there is a lot more that goes on behind the scenes than you might be aware of. We put the camera in the hands of the athletes and let them tell their story across the Australian Olympic Team's Instagram page