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Aussie Olympic community share their #OlympicDayGoals progress

Author imageAOC09 Jun 2020
Cate Campbell and Mark Beretta try Japanese Calligraphy

After it's launch on 1 June, the #OlympicDayGoals campaign is in full swing, with athletes, sports and fans pledging goals and sharing their progress ahead of Olympic Day on June 23.

Paddle Australia's Alyce Wood shared her newfound ukelele skills, while Aly Bull practiced her football tekkers.

Cat McArthur tried some handstand walking and junior paddler Jenaya Massie challenged herself with doing 16 consecutive chin-ups.

Kayaker Jaime Roberts dusted off her piano and committed to learning Beethoven's, 'Fur Elise.'

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Australia's WAIS athletes also shared their pledges on Instagram which ranged from yoga to puppy push-ups, and from juggling to cooking arancini!

Aerial Skier David Morris pledged to perfect the planche by June 23, a goal that five-year-old Sam also set himself to master.

Little Sam wasn't the only young gun setting himself some #OlympicDayGoals, with St Joseph's Barcaldine school pledging some educational, artistic and sporting goals.

Four-year-old gymnast Ivy, also set herself a goal of pike climbing six feet by June 23.

Dual Olympic Champion Cate Campbell teamed up with Sunrise presenter, Mark Beretta, to get acquainted with some Japanese calligraphy ahead of Tokyo 2020 next year.


Seoul 1988 Olympic cyclist Julie Speight set herself the impressive goal of riding 30km in one go for the first time since having a rod inserted into her leg.


#olympicdaygoals One Week in @ausolympicteam forever an inspiration

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Plus WA's Artistic Swimmers have set themselves a team challenge of passing a chair over as many lane ropes as possible.


While Diving Australia's Annabelle Smith set a goal of completing a press to handstand without jumping.

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Pledge your own goal on social media, tagging #OlympicDayGoals and @AUSOlympicTeam, and encourage your family and friends to set their own goals to achieve by 23 June. 

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